In 2020 (when I started to see the success of my first niche site experiment on Pinterest), I developed a deep desire to try and crack the code for personal finance content on Pinterest.

Everyone was telling me PF was over on the platform, and finding out for myself sounded like FUN!

But I didn’t want to START a new PF site… that did not sound like fun; blech ugh.

So, I bought a starter site in the niche.

It had 16 totally non-pinterest friendly posts on it already, and it was getting a trickle of Google traffic (like maybe 100 pv / week), and it cost me $1000 USD.

It wasn’t until a few weeks later that I realized… in order to try and grow the Pinterest traffic to the site, I’d have to CREATE CONTENT for the site.

THAT sounded worse than creating a SITE!

(How had I over looked this?!)

So, I left the site sitting there, and it’s basically gone to the place where sites go to die. It has a DA of 3.8 and it still gets like 100 pv/ week from Google.

Recently, with all the chatter about AI content I’ve been VERY curious… could this site see any growth with mainly AI content?

We won’t know until we try.


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